Weld-on strain gages (up to 950°C)

Weld-on strain gages are used for measuring deformation of steel or cast iron, especially for extremely high temperatures such as 950°C (dynamically) and 650°C (statically).

These gages consist of a resistor wire pressed into a metal tubule that is filled with magnesium oxide powder. The strain gages are welded onto the surface using a micro spot welding procedure.

Weld-on strain gages are robust, insensitive to moisture and are suitable for use in automotive and aircraft development as well as in the industrial sector (chemicals industry, oil refineries, iron and steel industry, …)

Typical components where weld-on strain gages can be applied are:

  • exhaust systems, catalytic converters, and manifolds
  • heat exchangers and intake manifold
  • vessels
  • pipelines

We also use weld-on strain gages in our “Stress Monitoring Systems” used in the chemicals industry and in refineries, with each project customized to meet unique customer requirements.

Weld-on strain gages require temperature sensors which are fixed at positions having the same thermal conditions. The measured strain values subsequently require calculation using correction algorithms. We welcome the opportunity to support you in carrying out these calculations.

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