Foil strain gages (up to 300°C)

consist of a plastic foil on which a meander is etched as a measuring grid. They are relatively cheap and can be used in most applications.
Apart from the grid-like standard strain gages, we also apply combination strain gages that measure special types of loads and can also be used for temperature compensation.

Foil strain gages are suitable for almost any type of material and, depending on the cover, can also be used in very harsh environmental conditions such as:

  • splash water (parts of body work parts, construction machines, …)
  • pressurized water (pressure vessels, offshore foundations, …)
  • fuels (fuel pipelines, fuel pumps, …)
  • hot oils (motor parts: shafts, bearings, rocker armarms, …)
  • rockfall (tie rods, parts of body work parts, …)
  • vibration (membranes, shock absorbers, protheses, …)

Take advantage of our extensive depth of experience. We also apply difficult components of miniature precision engineering structures from automotive and aircraft parts all the way to industrial plant equipment.

Strain gages can be applied in small boreholes or the inside surface of tubules with a diameter of 2.0 mm and more as standard procedure.

Depending on the individual application, we use various types of cold- and hot-setting adhesives. Hot-setting adhesives are dried in a programmable oven for a longer period of time, in order to minimize temperature drift and offset as much as possible.

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